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Management Services

Project Management

The Hermitage Group's project management methodology promotes positive results by reducing risk and improving productivity for project participants.  For all clients, THG develops customized management tools to ensure efficient reporting and review.


Construction Management

The Hermitage Group's expertise in construction industry in western Pennsylvania, including materials, labor, methods and sequencing, leads to successful and comprehensive estimates, site logistics, quality construction and reduced risk and costs for our clients.  The Hermitage Group's qualifications include Penn State Main Campus, UPMC, Carnegie Mellon University, and the California Technology Center and Maiden Business Park in Washington County.


Commissioning and Facilities Management

Commissioning is a quality assurance process that delivers preventive and predictive maintenance plans, tailored operating manuals and training procedures for all users to follow. Facilities management codifies and reinterates the commissioning process by continuously reviewing and integrating all project expectations during the facility lifecycle through maintenance, inspection, functional performance testing, and oversight of operator training and record documentation.


Strategic Communications

The Hermitage Group supports the efforts on enterprises, including non-profit entities, in developing strategic communications to support the programs and projects.  These services include grant preparation, technical writing, training and media support.


Energy Conservation Measures

The Hermitage Group supports energy savings through consulting to identify energy comsumption savings in the areas of water use, electricity, and natural gas. These services include verified energy audits, mitigation strategies, design assistance and technical recommendation.


Change Management

The Hermitage Group promotes the concept of evolutionary change, a concept that views adaptation as a requirement for successful leaders.  The Hermitage Group uses change management techniques to reduce risk in increasingly complex operating environments by identifying and managing stakeholders, developing communications products and strategies, and implementing organizational transformation plans.


Process Improvement

The Hermitage Group's process improvement services provide detailed analysis and quantifiable solutions across a variety of industries.  The Hermitage Group's methodology provides detailed mapping and identification of risks and opportunities.