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Honeywell Geothermal Project

In 2010, The Hermitage Group joined Honeywell, a global Fortune 100 firm, at the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh's (HACP) Geothermal Heating and Cooling project to provide low-cost residential heating and cooling for more than 700 homes throughout the city.

HACP Northview Well

The $25 million project will save HACP more than $3.2 million annually for the next 12 years in heating and cooling costs.    

The geothermal heating and cooling process uses deep wells to access the Earth's near-constant 55-degree temperature.   In the summer, heat pumps will circulate the warmth from individual homes through the cool wells to reduce the heat in homes.  In winter, the comparative warmth from the Earth will provide relatively warmer water, which will be used to efficiently heat the air inside homes.

The Hermitage Group's roles included requirements assessments, evaluating contractor compliance, and risk mitigation and management.